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Sector: Online Business Services
HQ: Paris, France
Funding: August 2012
Online contract management platform
CEO: Mathieu Lhoumeau
Dynamixyz is a French start-up located in Rennes (France) and in Vancouver (Canada), which was created in April 2010. The company specializes in high quality 3D face analysis and synthesis and offers cutting edge solution in facial animation (facial motion capture, tracking, and animation retargeting). Sector: Healthcare – Food Testing
HQ: Mansfield and University of Strathclyde, UK
Funding: September 2011
Rapid detection of pathogens such as Salmonella in food.
Chairman: Douglas Dundonald
CEO: Ray Wakefield
EP Directorship: Bruno Deschamps (NXD), Nathan Boublil (Observer)
EP Press Release and LBA Press Release
Sector: Cleantech – Efficient lighting network for LEDs
HQ: Cambridge
UK Funding: March 2012
Efficient wiring for LED light installation.
Chairman: Nathan Hill
CEO: Marc OttoliniLBA Press Release
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In partnership with the LBA
Sector: Industrials – Optical metrology (3D Measurement)
HQ: Loughborough
UK Funding: December 2011
Supplies 3D Optical Inspection for metrology and quality applications.
CEO: Ralph Weir
In partnership with the LBA
Sector: Healthcare – Blood testing
HQ: University of Reading
UK Funding: June 2011
Innovative approach for the rapid detection of infection in blood and other normally sterile body fluids.
Chairman: David Evans, AIM Chairman of the year 2009
CEO: William Mullen
In partnership with the LBA
Sector: Healthcare – Medical Devices
HQ: Cambridge
UK Funding: August 2011
Development and licensing of biofilm-resistant coatings for medical applications.
Chairman: Toby Wilson Waterworth
CEO: David R HamptonPress Release